I'll Raise Money in My Cowboy Boots

Brave article in Forbes - "What It's Like to Raise Money As a Woman in Silicon Valley" - as a female founder about to raise a round, I found this scary and infuriating. I'll do my part by refusing to gender neutralize and hide my femininity to succeed in startup world. I will show up in what I feel confident in- which usually involves bright skirts, cowgirl boots. I'll throw back bourbon at a bar with angels but I expect them to listen for my company's numbers and not my digits. I will call out inappropriate questions. Just try it.

"It’s past time for investors, particularly those in the growing pool of angels, to consider carefully how their position of power affects their social interactions with entrepreneurs. That’s why when I, or any female founder, shows up at your door, or at a restaurant or at a bar, you should assume I’m here to do business and nothing more.

I don’t run my company with anything you can see – I run my company using what’s inside my skull."