Live from the Quivira Conference in Albuquerque

We (Christine and Megan) are currently exhibiting at the Quivira 2015 conference. To everyone who stopped by, thanks for coming to check out PastureMap! For our friends unable to join us in sunny New Mexico, here are some highlights that stuck with us from the past couple days:

David Johnson, NM State soil microbiologist: "We are likely just the cruise ships for microbes. They control everything from our digestion, mood, disease resistance, linked to inflammatory disease, soon likely to become a legal court defense for murder. Never underestimate the power of biology. Soil bacteria is no different. A plant can double biomass in 2.5-7 days, bacteria take 20 minutes."

Chris Gill of Circle Ranch in TX, creating a $10 per acre "drought busting" technique, using just a $5k tractor and a Keyline plow:

And of course, the incomparable Dr. Christine Jones, a leading expert in soils and grasses, on the question What is one thing you might measure to determine soil health that this ecosystem is working? "Soil carbon is the CURRENCY that shows plants are exchanging liquid carbon (sugars) through photosynthesis for nutrients from microbes. Organic matter is helpful because it decomposes into soil carbon, but the two are different. Healthy soils have about 4%."

Oh, and let's not forget the giant half buffalo skeleton that was waiting in the hallway as we left lunch on conference day 2!