"If you're going to be a serious grazier...."

If you're going to be a serious grazier, you have to know how to take a pasture inventory. 

Brian Alexander explains the importance of pasture inventories, and how he does them. 

What is a pasture inventory?

A pasture inventory provides an assessment of what you have available in your pastures at a given point in time. You are estimating the available feed for each pasture. There are countless ways of doing it. 

Why should I take one?

"Asking me to say why I take pasture inventory- you might as well ask me why I take coffee in the morning" - Brian

How should I take it?

Brian explains the different methods that he has used through the years from scales and hoops to a yard stick.

Now that he has background knowledge on forage in his area, he just uses his yard stick. He places it down, records the grass height and finds the average height for the pasture. Based on the height, he estimates the forage per acre.  PastureMap uses the forage and his pasture's area to give a final amount of available forage.  Within seconds he has a reliable estimate of his pasture inventory. 

His pasture inventories and herd moves can be used by PastureMap to automatically give him all the important metrics he needs to make fast decisions. 

Watch his video to hear more: