777 Bison Ranch: "PastureMap helps keep everyone on the same page"

We wanted to highlight the great work our friends at 777 Bison Ranch are doing. 

Their holistic management includes low stress handling, ample recovery days for the pasture, and planned grazing on high quality forage. They never treat their bison with hormones or antibiotics, and feed using 100% forage. The Ranch uses low stress handling as taught by Mr. Bud Williams (www.stockmanship.com) and has consulted with Dr.Temple Grandin (www.grandin.com) to have safe, friendly handling facilities for both the animals and people. 

777 Bison Ranch recently became a Certified Grassfed Operation by the American Grassfed Association, and also got coverage the Washington Post with one of their baby bison rescues, Reggie. He's pretty darn cute!

Herdsmen Justin Selke and Cody Smith sat down with us at the National Bison Association summer conference in Elk River, MN to talk about how. Mimi Hillenbrand, their ranch manager, operates another ranch in Chile and uses PastureMap to advise the herdsmen back in

Check out the video interview here: