• You love farmers and ranchers. We take rancher success very seriously - it is the core of what we do. Your job title at PastureMap may vary, but your ultimate job is always to help farmers and ranchers get more profitable.
  • You are impact-driven and excited to build a product that will empower farmers and ranchers on a global scale.
  • You are a fast moving, independent, and get things done. You lead by doing. You think that owning results and helping drive the business forward from Day 1 with a fast-paced, self-motivated team sounds exhilarating.
  • You never stop learning. You cherish personal development and believe feedback is a gift.
  • You bring your whole self to the table. On our team we're married, single, parents, queer, straight, international, dog and cat (and goat and Highland calf) lovers, backyard chicken enthusiasts, hikers, avid cooks, motorcyclists, whisky lovers, and more. You agree that nature is made more abundant by diversity and so are we.

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