Ranch planning

  • Draw pastures on any computer or smartphone, fence length and acreage. Or upload your maps from Google Earth 
  • Subdivide and add portable fence
  • See USDA soil maps on your pastures
  • Add water tanks, gates, infrastructure

Pasture and grazing management

  • Log grazing moves on your phone
  • See GPS photo points taken from your phone on your map
  • Log forage inventory in ADs or lbs DM/acre 
  • Automated recovery days, ADAs, total forage grazed
  • Color-coded map by ADAs, forage inventory, and recovery days
  • Plan moves, see where herd has been

Herd management

  • Create herds, weight records, daily forage intake, ADG
  • Auto-calculate ADG between weighings
  • Easily split and merge herds, move multiple herds together
  • Import individual ID tags and weight events

Scalable for global commercial operations

  • Imperial and Metric versions
  • Manage multiple ranch operations
  • Multiple users for each ranch

We’ve been using PastureMap with our team for over a year in two continents. Love it! Everyone stays on the same page so there are no surprises.”
— Mimi Hillenbrand, 777 Ranch

PastureMap is indispensable. It helps me monitor forage production every year and always know what I’ve got. The calculator helps me figure out in seconds how many days I can to be there.
— Brian Alexander, Alexander Ranch
cows move.jpg
residual photo.png

Thanks to Tate Smith of Regenerative Stewardship for making these tutorials below! He also provides personalized consulting for grazing planning and management. 

Tracking Recovery Days in PastureMap

Adding Objects on PastureMap

Drawing pastures in PastureMap

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