Grow more green. Grow profits.

PastureMap is easy grazing and livestock management software. Grow profits, reduce risk, and keep cattle records and grazing planning in one place.


Farmers and ranchers first.

We designed PastureMap alongside 1500 farmers and ranchers. Most of our team has livestock and agricultural backgrounds, so this is personal. Our sales and support team are deeply rooted in the ranching community. We believe in keeping human knowledge and decision making at the center of agriculture. Our mission is to help the next generation in agriculture succeed in making profits building healthy grasslands. It's all about you.

Built for the way you work.

PastureMap is built for the way you work - practical, hands-on, and ready for whatever happens today. Stay in control of all the moving parts on your land and resource base.

  • See everything on your ranch in one place - herds, paddocks, gates, water, fencing
  • Track utilization, rest days, and your records for every pasture
  • Know where you've been and where you're going

Grazing management made simple

Make more profitable grazing management decisions. Get the forage productivity you want out of your pastures. Grow more green, grow more profits.

  • Forecast forage budget by pasture for the entire season
  • Make better stocking decisions based on real-time weight gains and pasture rest periods
  • Increase forage productivity at the pasture level

Livestock performance and inventory tracking

Achieve the performance gains you want in real-time during the season. Stay in control and manage risk with more transparency into your herd's performance throughout the season. Keep track of the best performing, most profitable animals and take your herd to the next level.

  • Forecast your livestock weight gains and profits during the season.
  • Real-time stock inventory management
  • Calving and health records

Manage your team more effectively

Help your team succeed and make better decisions. Scale your effectiveness as a manager. Spend more time working on the things that matter for your business, and empower others to get things done.

  • Keep your team's grazing records and notes in one place
  • Assign herd moves and tasks on the map
  • Make the best use of their time - find paddocks, water, and gates on their phone
  • Export compliance reports for NRCS, GAP, and other certifications

Trusted by 9,000+ ranchers in 40 countries.

  • “PastureMap is indispensable for monitoring forage production and figuring out in seconds how long I can be there. If you can't make more profits utilizing forage better with PastureMap, you don't have any business being a rancher.”
    Brian Alexander
    Alexander Ranch
  • “I check PastureMap constantly to see our progress against projected animal gains. Missing projected gains is $60,000 for just one of our herds. I can show my staff those numbers and fix problems before they get big.”
    Heidi Terrell
    Terrell Ranch
  • Erin Kiley
    “I used PastureMap's reporting to raise $400,000 in funding and built forage growth plans to maximize profits for every lease.”
    Erin Kiley
    Farmland LP
  • “With 70 ranchers in our rangeland monitoring network, PastureMap is huge for our data collection efforts, without both the rancher and us getting in a truck and having a meeting and filling out data forms. And it's fun!”
    Libby Porzig
    Point Blue Conservation
  • "PastureMap saves me untold hours. I doubt I would be able to utilize Adaptive High Stock Density grazing without PastureMap to meet our goals of improving soil health, restoring native grasses and increasing carrying capacity.”
    Loy Sneary
    Sneary Cattle
  • “PastureMap helps me make better and more accurate management decisions right in the field. There’s huge value in having all of my records stored in the cloud and not having to run around digging up paper charts.”
    Byron Palmer
    Grounded Land and Livestock

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