PastureMap is for making profits on working lands. Keep your team on the same page from anywhere. Plan ahead and respond fast to weather and drought. Get rewarded for sequestering carbon and building healthy grasslands.

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“Been using PastureMap for over a year in 2 countries. Love it! Everyone can be on the same page so there are no surprises.”


“PastureMap is indispensable. It helps me monitor forage production every year and always know what I’ve got. The calculator helps me figure out in seconds how many days I can be there.”


“With 70 ranchers in our rangeland monitoring network, it's hard to get grazing data from individual ranchers. PastureMap is a tool that can facilitate data collection, without getting in a truck and doing a meeting and filling out data forms. And it's fun! with our 14 biologists this will be huge for our data collection efforts.”


“I’ve said for years that someone needed to build this. It’s a relief to have a visual map interface to make me better informed that the herds are in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons. PastureMap helps me make better and more accurate management decisions right in the field. There’s huge value in having all of my records stored in the cloud and not having to run around digging up paper charts.”


“Well my job just got easier. I had my paddocks figured out (at least I thought I did); now it’s much easier figuring out exactly how many acres are in this area, forage fencing measurements etc...Map it and see for yourself.”


“We’re on PastureMap every day. Our ranch manager is in Chile and she plans out where she thinks we should move in, when to move out, so there are no surprises. It helps us all stay on the same page.”


“We have the irrigator, the main herdsman, occasional cowboys helping out, myself all moving cattle, and the team up in Oregon. Grazing records and monitoring is just scraps of paper and emails flying around the internet. Just allowing all information to be seen is a huge help.”


“I’ve really enjoyed using Pasture Map! It really simplifies my record keeping as I intensively graze my flock and move them often. I love using my phone in the field for immediate record keeping. If I have to wait until I return to my laptop I wouldn’t have accurate data and even more likely I would forget to input the information.”


“We began converting our grazing practices to Adaptive High Stock Density over a year ago and move cattle every day using poly wire. I signed up for the PastureMap trial and immediately found it to be invaluable. Because I can draw daily paddocks from my office and then use the app on my phone at the ranch, I’m saving untold hours it would take to measure in the pasture. In fact, I doubt I would be able to utilize AHSD grazing without PastureMap. I look forward to using PastureMap as we improve our soil health, restore native grasses and increase carrying capacity on our ranch here in south central Texas.”

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