Grazing Management

Measure what matters, PastureMap enables better grazing
management decisions so ranchers get the most from their land.

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Get More From Your Pastures

Make profitable grazing management decisions.

  • Season forecasting and scenario planning
  • Calculate stocking and carrying capacity
  • Manage pastures and cattle in one place
  • Track cattle moves, grazing periods, and rest days
  • Evaluate pasture performance and Animal Days/Acre

Keep everyone on the same page

Assign roles and manage your operation from anywhere.

  • NEW – Utilize the Todo List to assign tasks to yourself and team members
  • Look up pasture history and plan cattle move records, all in one place
  • Make informed decisions with carrying capacity and rest days at your fingertips
  • Help team find paddocks, gates, water in the field – never lose a water valve again
  • Take photos to monitor pasture and soil health
  • Reports for NRCS, GAP certifications
Keep Data
New Features

Livestock performance forecasting

Forecast cattle performance, plan for profits.

  • Log herd records and individual animal notes
  • Forecast livestock performance, and average daily gains
By being able to keep accurate records, PastureMap allows us to track our livestock performance and our forage performance - both critical factors to profitability on a farm.
Dr. Allen Williams
Founder of Livestock
I check PastureMap constantly to see our progress against projected animal gains. Missing those gains is $60,000 for just one of our herds. I can show my staff those numbers and fix problems before they get big.
Heidi Terrell
It’s a relief to have a visual map interface to make me better informed that the herds are in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons. PastureMap helps me make better and more accurate management decisions right in the field. There’s huge value in having all of my records stored in the cloud and not having to run around digging up paper charts.
Byron Palmer (and his dog)
CEO of Grounded Land and Livestock