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The Emergency Too Many Ranchers Aren’t Ready For

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You’ve been running your operation since your early twenties, you know how to operate every custom built gate lock, and know how many days your herd can get out of a pasture by a quick glance at the weather report. Over the years, you have gotten the ranch through price drops, natural disasters, and invasive outbreaks. You are the most important asset to your entire operation.

So, what happens if you need to attend your kid’s wedding? If your partner wants to take a vacation with you? What happens to your ranch if you get sick? What happens if the person who laid down the water line quits, and there is a break?

One of the worst emergencies that can happen to your ranch is that you- the most valuable asset- become unavailable, and all your invaluable knowledge is lost. It is your kid’s and your employee’s biggest fear.

So how do you prepare to create a multi-generational operation?

Record keeping. Your knowledge needs to exist somewhere not endangered by the human condition. In the past, this has meant large stacks of legal pads, confusing excel sheets, and little red books that get dropped in the mud. Today, we have tools that allow you to keep records, without having it take over your job- because you are a rancher, not a secretary.

PastureMap allows you to track a herd move in two clicks- from your ATV or horseback. A picture speaks 1,000 words- that is why we are fully map based. You can mark a gate or valve box with a single click, no need for long notes. By replacing your pen and paper with PastureMap, you will create a living map with all of your knowledge for every season. Your new intern will not have to ride around the ranch for hours looking for what you described- they will get to see what you see.

So, take a few hours out of your day, and create that emergency plan- you never know when you will need to take a dream vacation.

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