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  • Maximize profit/head of livestock with real time reporting for each enterprise
  • Maximize profit/acre with profitibility forecasts for each lease and pasture
  • Train your team to make profitable decisions
  • Includes Pro & Basic
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  • Get more forage productivity across your operation
  • Stay up to date with grazing plan
  • Manage confidently all season
  • Train your team on grazing planning
  •  Includes Basic
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  • Manage whole ranch from your phone
  • See where your herds are & what your team did in the pasture
  • Delegate to your team
  • Save hours of staff time


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Farm and ranch planning

Plan your pastures and subdivisions by drawing fence lines on an interactive map or upload KML shape files. Team members can instantly see and share locations of gates, water, monitoring points, and project sites.

Livestock inventory

Easily record herd and individual animal records. Keep track of animal weights, average daily gain, dry matter intake, health records, and herd performance, all in one place.

Decision support tools

Tools to help you calculate stocking days available, average daily gain, stock density, daily feed requirements, and more. Use these calculations to take your grazing planning to the next level.


Monitor your pastures in the field and record forage inventory, available grazing days, available dry matter, ecological verification data, in-field photos and transect locations. Share monitoring data with your ranch team and directly with your conservation professionals.

Planned grazing

Plan your entire season of grazing moves and see where your herds have been across your ranch. Grazing history tool shows past and future grazing moves on a calendar. Use color-coded map layers to see pasture-specific recovery periods and forage availability to decide where to move next.

Weather data

Integrated weather tool to utilize on-ranch rainfall data from local weather stations to view daily, year-to-date, and yearly average rainfall and determine how rainfall affects forage growth and grazing management.

Soil data

Integrated mapping tool to visualize exact soil types and boundaries across your entire ranch with interactive data to show how your soils impact forage growth, management and animal performance.


Easy export option to Microsoft Excel™ of all your grazing and livestock inventory records. Share records with ranch team, accountants, customers, veterinarians and conservation professionals.

Works offline

Use PastureMap in the field without cellular reception or internet connection. Record in-field inventories, herd moves, and monitoring data and sync the next time you get online.

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