Through a partnership with TerrAvion, PastureMap ranchers will now be able to request aerial imaging of their ranches imported directly onto their PastureMap account.

First, a plane will fly over your ranch, and take the aerial imaging. Then, the images will be processed so you get not only a real time image, but also a vegetative growth map, a thermal map, and a crop zoning map for your ranch. We will automatically upload them for you onto PastureMap so you can see each pasture and make better and faster grazing decisions.

TomKat Ranch already gave it a go for this grazing season! Look at their images.

This thermal display can be useful in trying to plan for water availability or irrigation. In times of drought it particularly useful to know in order to minimize heat stress for cattle.

This map displays the ranch by its Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI). Areas in red are manmade, while green and blue distinguish between different types of vegetative cover.

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