For decades, the USDA has gathered invaluable soil data across the country. Their vast database includes dozens of metrics including soil composition and structure, forage and tree species that are native there, ecological site classification, slope, water and drainage figures, and even estimated forage productivity in high, medium, and low rainfall years.

A recent USDA-NRCS conservation grant has allowed PastureMap to digitally display this information for users in an easy to read map – making the USDA’s soil and forage data even more accessible when you use PastureMap.

How can I see my soil data?

Anyone can view the soil for their farm or ranch in three quick steps:

Step 1: Sign into PastureMap at

Step 2: Draw or import the pastures that you want to get data about.

Step 3: Click the pasture you want information about and press the ‘View Soil Data’ button on the right.