The New Way to Plan:

For years ranchers have had to flip back and forth between grazing calendars and maps to see their season, erasing and updating the plan every time it has to be changed. We’re excited to announce our next big release for PastureMap: a visual and map based display of historical and future grazing moves.

Our new release allows ranchers on the Manager Tier to click on a herd and see a visual display of past and future herd moves for the season. Past moves are automatically updated with data from the field so you can always- even remotely – know what’s happening and what’s coming next.

Display of past grazing moves, and upcoming planned moves in grey.

By overlaying the recovery days display you can make quick decisions and avoid overgrazing without having to do any math or flip through any calendars or excel sheets.

Grazing path with Animal Days per Acre for each pasture displayed.

Finally, adding the data layers feature allows top graziers to not only know where their herd moved, but how it performed based on ADA’s.

How do I get access to this feature?:

This feature will be the first of many to be released into the Manager Tier. Manager tier will soon also enable managers to assign tasks, and will provide a platform for graziers who are managing not only pasture and cattle, but a full team.

1. Go to

2. Sign up for the Manager tier.

3. Use the promo code: ‘EarlyBird’ to receive a special discount.